Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Adeste's BB, Iphone + Android Tip # 174- June 6th

Tip # 174- June 6th
Change your ring tone, notifiers, or reminders on the BB
In addition to changing the tone, you can also change options for notification during calls, volume, LED, and vibration.
1. On the Home screen, click the Sound and Alert Profiles icon.
2. Click Change Sounds and Alerts > Sounds for Selected Profile.
• To change your ring tone, click Phone.
• To change notifiers or reminders, click to expand a section. Click an option.
3. In the Ring Tone, Notifier Tone, or Reminder Tone field, do one of the following:
• Click a tone.
• To use a song that is on your BlackBerry® smartphone or on a media card, click All Music. Find and click a song.
• To use a voice note that you recorded, click All Voice Notes. Find and click a voice note.
• To use a preloaded alert, click All Alerts. Find and click an alert.
4. Press the key > Save.

Stop the constant sipping for the Nexus Android
We've mentioned battery management earlier - and there's a way you can stop it plummeting downhill instantly.
If you head into the Settings menu and choose Accounts and Sync, there's a large checkbox for background data.

If you only periodically check things like social networks or email, then this is a great way to save some power, as you can get the same functionality by just manually updating when you open the app.
It does mean things like push notifications won't work, but if you're after a decent battery saving and don't care about instant updates, give this a go.

Iphone Airplane Mode

Airplane mode disables the wireless features in order to reduce potential interference with aircraft operation and other electrical equipment.
Turn on airplane mode.
·         Go to Settings and turn on airplane mode.
When Airplane mode is on, an icon of an airplane will appear in the Left hand corner at the top of the screen. With Airplane mode on there is
No Phone, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth signals are emitted from Iphone + GPS reception is turned off, disabling many of Iphone features. You won’t be able to use apps that require these signals, such as connecting to the Internet, placing or receiving phone calls or messages, getting visual voice and so on.

If allowed by the aircraft operator and applicable laws and regulations, you can continue to listen to music, watch videos, browse email, calendar, and other date you’ve previously received, and use apps that don’t require and Internet connections.

If Wi-Fi is available and allowed by the aircraft operator and applicable laws and regulations, go to Settings- Wi-Fi to turn it on.
You can turn on Bluetooth in Settings- General- Bluetooth.

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