Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Adeste's BB, Iphone + Android Tip # 172- May 23rd

Tip # 172- May 23rd

Add an app to the Favorites panel on the BB
Highlight an app on the Home screen or in a folder.
Press the key > Mark as Favorite.

Unlock the power of voice on the Android Nexus
We mentioned we didn't like the voice input icon on the keyboard, but that doesn't mean we aren't fans of voice search.
From calling and navigation to text entry and Google searching, your voice can be activated by simply holding down the search key.

Turn caps lock on for the Iphone
If you want to change your typing to capital letters all the time, rather than just for the next letter, then double-tap on the Shift key on the iPhone's keyboard. It will now turn blue, indicating caps lock is on. Just tap it again to turn it off.

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