Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Adeste's BB, Iphone + Android Tip #169- May 2nd

Tip # 169- May 2nd

Make all hidden apps visible on the home screen on the BB
On the home screen, press the key > Show All Icons. To
unhide the app, highlight it and then click Hide Icon to clear
the check mark. If the icon is hidden in other panels, you can
unhide the icon in all panels, or in the current panel only. If
Show All Icons does not appear in the menu, there are no apps
hidden from view.
Inbuilt battery graph ( Samsung Nexus Android)
A massive problem for smartphones is the battery maintenance - so many devices have offered such poor battery life that some have been rendered virtually unusable.
The Nexus S isn't that bad in terms of holding its charge, but if you want to see what's happening with your battery, the phone comes with a battery graph built in.
Simply go into Settings, then tap About Phone. Open Battery Use and hit the smaller battery graph at the top - this then opens up into a fully-fledged graph complete with information on how fast your power depleted and what the phone was doing at the time.

Tap to focus/zoom in Camera - Iphone
The iPhone 4's new 5 megapixel camera has a fantastic digital zoom. But to activate it you first need to focus on an object – like a face, for example, in your view. Do this by simply tapping anywhere on the screen. A white square will appear showing you the object that the iPhone is focused on. A zoom bar will also appear, which you can use to zoom into the object you've picked.

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