Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hot Keys - BlackBerry Browser

Hot Keys - BlackBerry Browser
The following hot keys are available from the Browser when you are viewing a web page, i.e. not from the bookmarks.
  • T: Go to the Top of the page
  • B: Go to the Bottom of the page
  • R: Refresh the current page
  • U: Toggle the title bar on/off
  • I: View History
  • O: Go to the Browser Options screen
  • P: Display the address of the current page
  • L: Display the address of the currently selected link
  • A: Add a bookmark for the current page
  • K: Go to the Bookmarks screen
  • S: Save the current web page to the message list
  • F/V: Bring up the Search/Find window
  • Alt + F: Find Next
  • M: Request More Images to be downloaded (if any)
  • Q: Request All Images to be downloaded (if any)
  • C: Display the connection information screen
  • Alt + O/Shift + SPACE: Page up
  • Alt + P/SPACE: Page down
  • D: Sends the Browser to the Background
  • G: Bring up the "Go To" screen
  • X: Bring up the web page preview/map screen
  • Esc: Goes back to the previous page
  • Press and Hold Esc: Closes the browser

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