Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Special Happy Birthday To Enzo

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many many more!

From your Adeste Family!

BB Tip # 155- Jan 25th

Tip # 155- January  25th
About memory cleaning- tested on the 9900 bold

Memory cleaning is designed to delete sensitive data from the temporary memory on your BlackBerry® smartphone.
Examples of sensitive data include sensitive data in the cache for the key store browser, unencrypted data from email messages, LDAP
authentication passwords, and data from certificate and key searches.

When memory cleaning is turned on, the memory cleaning application is designed to delete sensitive data automatically in the
following situations:
• When you insert your smartphone in a holster
• When you do not use your smartphone for a specified period of time
• When you synchronize with your computer
• When you change the time or the time zone for your smartphone
• When you lock your smartphone

Turn on memory cleaning
1. On the home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
2. Click Security > Advanced Security Settings > Memory Cleaning.
3. Select the Enable checkbox.
4. Press the key > Save.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

How to Create a BBM Group on your BB!

This is a great feature that allows you to send a message to a group of BBM contacts!
Why use PIN anymore?
1.    Click the "Menu" key to launch the expanded menu.
2.    Click the "BlackBerry Messenger" icon. Click the "Menu" key, then scroll down the list and select "Create New Group."
3.    Type a group name in the "Group Name" field, then a group description in the "Description" field.
4.    Click the "Group Icon" to select an image to identify the group.
5.    Click "Yes" to allow all members of the group to invite new members. Click "No" to restrict the invitation privileges to select members.
6.    Click "Yes" to show the group on the home screen. Click "Create Group" to create the group.
7.    Click the "Back/Escape" key to return to the home page.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Adeste's BB Tip # 154- January 18th

Turn off word substitution- tested on the 9790 bold
  1. Go to the Options icon ( wrench)
  2. Go to Typing and Language.
  3. Then go to Typing, click Advanced Style Options.
  4. Clear the Spelling checkbox.
  5. Press the key > Save.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hot Keys - BlackBerry Browser

Hot Keys - BlackBerry Browser
The following hot keys are available from the Browser when you are viewing a web page, i.e. not from the bookmarks.
  • T: Go to the Top of the page
  • B: Go to the Bottom of the page
  • R: Refresh the current page
  • U: Toggle the title bar on/off
  • I: View History
  • O: Go to the Browser Options screen
  • P: Display the address of the current page
  • L: Display the address of the currently selected link
  • A: Add a bookmark for the current page
  • K: Go to the Bookmarks screen
  • S: Save the current web page to the message list
  • F/V: Bring up the Search/Find window
  • Alt + F: Find Next
  • M: Request More Images to be downloaded (if any)
  • Q: Request All Images to be downloaded (if any)
  • C: Display the connection information screen
  • Alt + O/Shift + SPACE: Page up
  • Alt + P/SPACE: Page down
  • D: Sends the Browser to the Background
  • G: Bring up the "Go To" screen
  • X: Bring up the web page preview/map screen
  • Esc: Goes back to the previous page
  • Press and Hold Esc: Closes the browser

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Welcome 2012!

Hi Everyone:
I trust the holidays were great! I am just back from the East coast where I spent the holidays with my family!
It is always great going home to get some TLC!

Now, back to the real world!

Talk to you soon!